Set Meaningful Goals and Fulfill Your Deepest Desires! eBook


Goal setting is easy to do, right?  Then why do so many people come up short in attaining their goals and resolutions?

You have your personal values (cherished ideas) in one hand, and your life/career goals in the other.  Rarely do the two meet.  Or do they?

In this eBook, Diane Jaquet and Steve Tokeshi show you that, Yes, you can achieve personal and career goals that are also aligned with your real values.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your goals in the six main categories of your life
  • State your personal values, even converting negative statements into positive values
  • More easily reach your goals by aligning them with your personal values
  • Create the one Intentional Statement that acts as a bridge between your personal values and desired outcomes- helping you get there faster
  • Eliminate internal conflicts that stop you from reaching your goals
  • Live from your deepest Intention, thus fulfilling your goal-oriented actions on a daily basis

Now only:  $9.95

Download your copy today and give yourself and your loved ones the Gift of  Life Fulfillment.