Relationship Coaching

What relationship would you like to see improve dramatically?

Do you want to invest in your relationship with yourself and with your loved ones?

Do you find yourself  repeating old relationship and communication patterns ?

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Love & Harmonious Relationships

Hi, I’m Diane Jaquet. I am a certified Life Coach and workshop facilitator and my specialty is to help men and women strengthen their relationships with themselves and with their loved one.

I love what I do and I feel very privileged to work with amazing and talented women and help them transition to the next stage of their lives. What I love the most is seeing my clients be excited to have dramatically improved their relationships. My approach is compassionate, caring, non-judgmental and also result-oriented.

I care so much about helping people overcome relationship challenges because I know that if they don’t, they will regret it towards the end of their lives. You see, relationships are the single most important cause for happiness once basic needs for survival have been met. My coaching training and experience- combined with my experiences of what harmonious relationships truly are- give me great insights to help you :

  • Overcome Relationship difficulties,
  • Improve Communication with your loved ones,
  • Manage your Emotions better,
  • and/or Attract The One.

Our 6 weeks online course allows you to drastically improve your personal relationships. Find out more about how to get A Healthier Relationship Now.


Diane’s Story

For many years, I had struggled with intimate and family relationships. I certainly didn’t have any good relationship models during my youth. My parents separated when I was 10 and it took another 9 years of fighting each other to finally get to a divorce. By the time I was in my 20s, I believed that :

  • relationships were hard,
  • that you needed to work at it,
  • that men were not to be trusted,
  • and that even though you may fall in love with someone, marriage turns everything sour.

After all, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce ! That was proof enough to me. Needless to say that I had very unsuccessful loving relationships and expected nothing better for myself.


Diane with her husband, life, business & travel partner Steve

Diane with her husband, life, business & travel partner Steve

A life changing 6 months trip around the world broke my heart open and made me think differently. I dived deep into finding out who I truly was and what I really valued and wanted in my life and my relationships.  I needed to grow. I needed to change. I wanted to change. See, my old limiting beliefs and negative habits were the reasons why I kept on attracting men who were not right for me and why I sabotaged relationships I was in.

I can actually pin point the Ah-ah! moment that turned things around for me. Less then 2 weeks later, I met Steve – a wonderful soul who is now my husband, life, business and travel partner. Our relationship is growing stronger and stronger as the years go by and I’m grateful every day for the joy of sharing my life with someone who loves and whom I love.

Now I am privileged  to share my knowledge and experience about personal relationships with you.

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