Our Coaching

Coaching is the number 1 model for personal change and self-improvement. Coaching starts with the premise you are fundamentally already whole, capable and resourceful. It’s a process that helps you identify the skills and capabilities that you already have and to use them to the best of your ability.

We are qualified Life Coaches and workshop facilitators who facilitate and guide you through your life, career and relationship transitions.

One of the things we do best is help you get clarity on what you truly want in life. Our work consists in keeping you focused on doing and experiencing what will really contribute to your well-being and happiness.



Our coaching process guides you through these steps :

  • Listening and unveiling your core values, beliefs and needs
  • Asking you powerful questions to get clarity on what you truly want
  • Assessing your personal, career and relationship goals
  • Creating a plan of action to achieve those goals
  • Holding you accountable for your actions
  • Acquiring and nurturing the necessary skills
  • Developing an empowering mindset to handle any future challenges.

When working with us, you will actually put your time and energy into making your dreams and goals happen.


“I started working with Diane from Bardo Life Coaching in order to help me make some important changes in my life in regards to time management, life balance and career moves. With her help, I was able to identify how my core values could be aligned with my goals. We then created actionable items for me to complete each week. Diane’s encouragement, patience, and methods helped me to make real changes in my life– things that I had been wanting to do for a long time! I highly recommend the service of Bardo Life Coaching if you are in need of a professional or personal change or if you just want to examine carefully what your priorities are and what you value in life. Diane is a great listener, and it is clear that she cares deeply about her clients and is passionate about her work.”

(Eva, University Professor)

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